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How to Make a Home Cinema

Having a home cinema is most people’s dreams. It’s a property luxury that we only see on TV, or films that have elaborate properties.  However, having a cinema room in your home doesn’t have to be a far-fetched dream, as all it requires is some pieces of furniture and some simple additions to the room. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips to make your home a cinema.

Adding the Right Screens:

The screen is the main feature of any home cinema room, however, sometimes it can be physically impossible to replicate a huge cinema screen theatre in your home. A quick and easy way to transform your home is to add a projector that can be used instead of a big cinema screen. They are beneficial as they are easy to hide away once they have been used, and they can be added to a room discreetly. Another great thing is that they cost a lot less than the cinema-style screen.

Comfortable Seating:

Perhaps the most important part of your home cinema is the seating you choose to have in your home. If you’re intending on spending a lot of time in your home cinema, then it’s vital that you have comfortable seating for yourself and your guests. Depending on the size of the cinema in your home, there are varying choices you can have in your home cinema to make it comfortable. Either adding a long-shaped sofa, or if you want everyone to have their own seating area, then you can invest in separate armchairs.


Just like every cinema, the lighting you use is so important to create that cinematic experience. You can opt to use LED lighting, which can make the space feel a lot more futuristic. However, it’s important to have a dimmer in your home cinema, as this way you can replicate that cinematic feeling to the room and dim the lights before you put your film or TV show on.


In your home cinema, carpet is perhaps the best option to have in your home. This is because sometimes, a wooden or laminate floor can make the space a little cold and uninviting. By adding in carpet to your home cinema, you can easily create a cosy atmosphere, and a space where people will want to relax and enjoy a film.

A Snack Station:

What’s the perfect thing to go with watching a film? Some snacks! To enhance your home cinema, think about setting up a snack station in your home cinema room. There’s plenty of ways to do it, and you can find a way that suits your style and also your home. Either having a vending machine, or a snacks table, or even something as fancy as a candy floss station alongside a drinks table is a great way to make your home cinema have everything it needs for yourself and your guests.


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