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Freeze Dried and Smoked Herbs-Aquaponics Masters

Looking for some quality herbs to add to your pantry? Aquaponics Masters has been growing high quality herbs which are eco-friendly and also come at an affordable price, so you must give them a try.

Aquaponics masters are unique at what they do because they aim at a healthier and a brighter future by using innovative technologies for farming. They aim to create a balance between the ecosystem by the integration of aquaculture and hydroponics. In the current times, you might notice that the herbs grown are missing the aroma and flavor, however, the herbs grown by aquaponics masters are highest quality, with greater flavor, greater nutrition and greater aroma.

It is quite evident that humans are responsible for the increasing pollution in the world, however, companies like aquaponics masters are taking steps in order to ensure eco-friendly farming. They have been using various technologies to ensure energy efficiency, water conservation, protection of the natural environment and lastly, they also firmly believe in recycling. Their focus on water conservation is saving water for the future generations while producing the food in greater qualities and greater amounts. Their water consumption is reduced by 90% if you compare it to other typical methods of farming. Secondly, they are promoting green farming which ensures less pollution but more green energy.

With their method of farming, the yields produced are higher than the yields produced through the conventional methods. Also, Genetically Modified Organisms are also very common in the produce these days, they do increase the yield but are not beneficial for the human body. Aquaponics Masters cares for the consumers and ensures non-GMO, pesticide and chemical-free farming. Due to this, you can have a peace of mind and a healthy body. Aquaponics Masters is family owned which is why their products are the highest quality because they bring the products from their family to your table.

The smoked freeze-dried chives have a tremendous Smokey flavor which you will certainly enjoy as a topper on your favorite dish. Also, you will your steaks seasoned with the smoked freeze-dried basil. These herbs come in two sizes of packaging, one is small and the other is large. The small one has 1.48 oz of herbs while the large one has 2.54 oz of herbs.

Whether you are making, seasoning your steak, marinating fish, seasoning salad or any other dish, you will be surprised by the phenomenal flavor of these two herbs namely smoked freeze-dried chives and smoked freeze-dried basil.

Some of the key features of Aquaponics Masters are as follow:

  1. Natural greenhouse grown products: Highest quality products are produced with superb flavor, aroma and nutrition.
  2. Grown with green tech and natural light: The methods used in farming or growing of these herbs are sustainable farming methods which make sure that less energy is consumed, less water is consumed and an eco-friendly environment is created throughout the farming process.
  3. Freeze-drying: Freeze-drying the herbs makes sure that the natural flavors, aromas and nutrition are preserved.
  4. Harvested daily: The herbs are handpicked daily and the finest of the herbs are packed by hand daily to ensure the highest quality.

Freeze-dried herbs have a greater quality because they have a greater nutritional value, the natural aromas and flavors are preserved, this is why they taste better than most herbs. Since the herbs are freeze-dried, they retain 95% of the natural flavors. They are also triple washed and have a 25 years of shelf life. So basically, once you invest in them, you will have deliciously flavored food for quite a while.

The natural aroma, taste and color will make you want to use these herbs every time you are cooking. If you are interested into cooking, then this investment will surely be a great one for you because you will enjoy the natural aromas and flavors.

Aquaponics Masters need donations to buy more freeze dryers, with this, they will be able to produce these herbs at a larger scale. You will not only be helping them to produce high quality herbs but you will also be contributing to ensure a pollution free environment. Eco-friendly farming and high quality products will be ensured with your contribution.

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