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From time to time, you will notice one or two Korean restaurants popping up in your local area. The reason being, Asian food is gaining much popularity, especially in the United States.

Korean food, widely known as k-food, is a cuisine that involves the use of customary cooking traditions of Korea. There are hundreds of recipes you can enjoy.

In this article, we look at the various reasons you should be more adventurers with your taste buds and try k-food today.

  • It takes you by surprise

Unfortunately, most people in the United States that have tried k-food have only tried one or two meals.

However, k-food offers a variety of cuisine adventurers eaters like me can try. Every meal has a story and you would never imagine it would be so downright tantalizing. And you need not travel to Korea to be part of this wonderful experience. There are many Korean restaurants, particularly in NYC that offer a myriad of Korean recipes to choose from.

  • It offers great value

If you are a traveler, whether in the United States or Korea, try visiting a k-food joint. Not only are they tasty but they have reasonable prices. If you decide to have bibimbap and stews, you are going to use approximately $6. What’s more, side dishes accompany every meal adding value to it.

Additionally, there are outdoor markets that sell piping hot street food for a few dollars.

After the scrumptious meal, you can decide to wash it down with Soju, a local Korean liquor made from rice. In South Korea, Soju goes for as little as $1.20 in most convenience stores.

  • It is everywhere

One of the first things you will notice the moment you get to Korea is the large number of Korean restaurants. Koreans love to eat and it is the reason why there will always be another restaurant around the corner.

You are spoilt for choice on where to eat and will rarely find problems finding a restaurant.

  • It is fresh

The growing number of people embracing k-food, especially in the United States, has led to a higher food turnover meaning that the food ingredients are always fresh. You can actually taste the difference.

In Korea, you get the rare opportunity to pick a fish from the fish market while it is still swimming and watching them prepare it for you. The same applies to any other seafood.

  • It is interactive

Particularly in Korea, many places will allow you to cook for yourself. There is something about being involvedin creating superb recipes. It makes us appreciate the meals even more.

If you are looking to have a barbeque or a stir-fried meal, the restaurants will offer a hot grill as well as the raw ingredients you need. Eating only happens after all the dishes have been cooked perfectly.

Anticipation builds as people wait to enjoy the scrumptious meals. Servers keep moving from one table to the next, monitoring the progress and assisting where necessary. Additionally, the sweet aromas spill out into the street attracting more customers to join in.

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