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5 Amazing Facts About Chinese Cuisine

Chinese cuisine is among the most popular cuisines around the world. Chinese cuisine also has a major contribution to Chinese culture.

This cuisine is a blend of cooking practices of the people from diverse regions of China and Chinese people around the world. As a result, Chinese cuisine has different versions around the world. For instance, Indo-Chinese in India. Similarly, England has a Hastings buffet serving Chinese food cooked by Chinese residents with a touch of their style. But each of them is unique in taste and perfectly presents the combination of key flavors.

·        Amazing Facts About Chinese Cuisine

There are some unique facts about Chinese cuisine that you must know. So, next time you visit a Chinese restaurant Hastings, you will know about their culture too.

Food division around ChinaNoodles, rice, and soup are a staple food in China. In the colder region of North China, people prefer to eat more wheat, so they eat dumplings, steamed or stuffed buns, and wheat noodles. But, in the southern region of China, people prefer to have a bowl of rice and rice noodles with every meal.

·        Chinese Prefer Fresh Food

Chinese people prefer fresh vegetables and meat. Hence, they would rather visit the market daily and bring seasonal foods. Authentic Chinese cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world. Unlike people of England, they do not rely on canned foods.

·        Chinese People Eat Everything Under The Sun

We often get to hear that Chinese people eat weird things and that is true. They consume insects, scorpions, snakes, pig’s ears, intestines, liver, kidney, and boiled blood. Other popular foods among the Chinese are dog hotpot and octopus. Authentic Chinese restaurant Hastings serves most of these delicacies to give you the experience.

·        Wasting Food Is A Taboo In China

In all food preparation, vegetables and animals have to be used in whole. For instance, fish is served with the bone and the head and it is gutted instead of filleted. Similarly, Hastings buffet of Chinese food provides a separate plate for the bone.

·        Chinese Sees The Use Of Knife And Fork As Barbaric

We all know people of China use chopsticks but there is a reason behind it. In East Asian culture, forks and knives are considered weapons, so it is inappropriate to use them for eating. They make bite-sized food to make using chopsticks easier.

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