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Cooking on a Plancha Grill- Top Tips from Professional Chefs

It’s that time of the year that we all want to grill some delicacies in the backyard. Well, grilling is a perfect way to showcase your culinary skills. If you fancy Spanish cooking, I presume it’s time to learn how to use a Plancha grill. However, you also need to master some basic steps and check out the best plancha recipes.

What is a plancha grill?

Plancha is the new buzzword in most cities. It’s a handy cooking accessory and is ideal for preparing your favorite foods. It boasts of Spanish origin and is all about grilling on a metal plate. Conventional Spanish Planchas are round in shape and are metal plates that feature a grill and a griddle.

 Why cook on a cast-iron plancha grill? A hot Plancha toasts your meat but still keeps it moist and juicy on the inside. You can use it for cooking meat, fish, chicken; the list is endless. You can also use your Plancha pan in your oven or gas range.

How can you use a Plancha?

Grilling allows you to appreciate the real taste of food. However, how you use your Plancha determines your cooking results. You don’t want to burn your food as you cook, and it’s wise to learn some essential tips before you start grilling. Here’s how to use your Plancha.

  1. Heat the pan

Pre-heat your oven on high heat, about 450F, and place your Plancha pan, allowing it to heat as required. Heat for approximately five minutes and avoid touching the pan. Smear a little olive oil into the pan, and ensure that it coats the entire cooking surface. You can as well sprinkle the oil with some coarse salt.

  1. Place food on the pan& Sear it.

You probably want to grill meat or vegetables, and you want the best plancha grill. Place the food on the pan while maintaining the same level of heat. Use tongs to add your ingredients to the hot pan in a single layer. Give your food a good sear before flipping it over. Don’t move the food around the pan; a single flip is enough.

  1. Take your food out of the pan.

Once cooked, take your food out of the pan and enjoy it with your loved ones. Some people will advise you not to poke grilled meat pieces. If you’re for the idea, use a thermometer to check the temperature in the thick slices of meat.

  1. Clean your Plancha pan

Clean and maintain your Plancha pan the same way you do your cast iron pan. Wash the cast iron using water and soap and brush using a pan scrapper. Dry thoroughly using a paper towel and rub a little cooking oil layer to season your pan while still warm.

Final thoughts

cast-iron plancha grill is every chef’s best friend. It will help you cook super fast and impart a nice smokey flavor to your food. Like other cast iron pans, these gills are durable and will last for years as long as you clean and maintain the pan rightly.

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