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Stylish ice cream cups as an essential element of the store’s marketing strategy

Reasons to order custom ice cream cups

Do you have an ice cream, gelato, or frozen yogurt shop? Then you probably need special cups to help present your products to customers and allow clients to take your ice cream home.

Today, custom ice cream cups are available in various sizes, from small ones designed for single scoops or small portions of frozen yogurt to large ones designed for vast portions of ice cream. They are also available in various materials, from thick, durable paper to plastic.

What to choose: paper or plastic models?

Plastic ice cream cups are well known for being used with ice cream, sundae ice cream, and banana slices. They are great for such snacks as the clear plastic lets your customers see the entire filling. Enjoy not only the perfect taste but also the visual beauty.

Paper cups are used for traditional ice cream and other takeaway options, as they are denser than plastic. In addition, there are many other lids to choose from. Ice cream paper cups also come in different models and sizes.

Plastic ice cream cups can be the best decision if you’re serving a gourmet dessert and want your ice cream to become the star. For takeaway customers, paper cups are more suitable. If variety is your main concern, ice cream paper cups come in various colors, patterns, and sizes. You can even order custom paper cups for your ice cream shop.

List of reasons why you should order unique ice cream glasses

Sure, you can easily buy simple ice cream cones, but choosing custom and unique ones will make a difference. How? Printing on paper containers is applying a logo, slogan, pattern, or ornament to products.

Here are a few reasons why your ice cream shop needs custom cups:

  • Promotes the brand. A disposable cup with a company or institution logo is a uniquely effective marketing ploy. The more people see a product with a unique design and information about the brand, the higher the recognition of the latter will be.
  • Attracts attention. A bright original image can interest the consumer and distinguish your product from those offered by competitors.
  • It has a positive effect on the image of the company. A branded high-quality cup is one of the proofs that the company cares about its customers and thinks through the service component to the smallest detail.
  • Gives aesthetic pleasure. A beautiful cup with an original design makes customers want to capture it in a photo and post it on Instagram or another social network.

The designs on the custom-printed ice cream cups require the use of water-soluble (approved for direct food contact) alcohol and UV inks. They allow you to create a bright, contrasting, clear image on a disposable product. The drawing is applied over the entire size of the glass. In this case, from one to six colors are used.

The most successful marketing tactics involve meeting the needs of your customers. If customers see higher value in your store than elsewhere, it will be easier for them to decide where to shop.

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