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The Best Ways to Reheat Leftover Pizza

Everyone loves a good slice of freshly-baked pizza. To make leftover pizza taste fresh, as if it’s from the bakery, you have to reheat it. There are some methods that can help you produce better results and get back a new life into your leftover pizza.

Here are some of the tips to help reheat your leftover pizza.

Reheat Your Leftover Pizza in the Oven

The oven might look like the wrong reheating method because it can turn your good looking pizza into dried crackers, if not used correctly.

Although it will take longer than the stove top method, it will be worth waiting as your pizza leftovers will come out crunchy, with gooey cheese on top.

Also, the oven is the best option for reheating a half full pizza or more pieces at once. This is because the efficiency increases with the more slices you intend to heat.

You can also use a toaster oven for heating a slice or more. A toaster oven makes the reheating faster and produces a crispy texture and not soggy due to infrared heat.

Reheat Your Crust on the Stove Top Using a Skillet

The stovetop method is one of the best ways to reheat one or two slices of pizza leftovers. It gives similar results to that of an oven, thanks to its fastest technique.

In addition, it produces fresh pizza after reheating, which enables you to enjoy your leftovers without worrying about the crispiness of the pizza and the sweetness of the cheese.

You should ensure that the toppings heat up by adding a drizzle of water to the skillet then covering it. You should then heat the skillet over medium heat. Then, add your pizza slices and allow them to cook for some minutes before adding a few drops of water on the side of your pan.

After that, allow the pan to trap steam by covering it immediately and leave the rest on the stovetop as you wait for your fresh-baked pizza. Once heated, enjoy your pizza and wait for your next treat from your favorite Montreal Restaurant.

Reheat Your Pizza on a Microwave

Reheating your pizza using a microwave is the fastest method available. But it comes with its disadvantages such as leaving you with a soggy pizza.

It makes the crust inedible due to its rock hard nature. This is because of the absorption of waves by water molecules. The vibration of the water absorbs the energy that heats the food.

The water molecules absorb higher energy, making the steam evaporate quickly, leaving your pizza in a soggy state.

Also, remember the leftover pizza doesn’t have a sauce on it, prompting evaporation to take a toll. This makes the crust lose its moisture, leaving you with a hard rock crust.

If you don’t mind the sogginess, the microwave is a perfect choice. But you cannot experience this issue with the oven because of the infrared heat that cooks food from the outside, unlike the microwave.

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