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Wedding Food, Drink and Catering Options

Following the exchange of wedding vows, visitors and also the recently husband and wife will be ready to revealed in the reception where satisfying drink and food await. With regards to planning the foodstuff and refreshments for that wedding party, a wedding couple usually chooses between “American” service, buffet-style, family-style, or food stations. Below, you’ll find a reason of a few of the methods to offer drinks and food to wedding visitors:

American Style

The sitting down or sit-lower menu seen at many weddings is called an “American-style” catering arrangement. It is among the most generally selected services in catering since it permits many visitors to get their food rapidly along with the smallest amount of servers. The dinner is ready inside a kitchen after which offered to visitors by using banquet trays.


Since visitors are serving themselves having a buffet-style wedding party meal, it requires additional time for those participants to get their food. Usually, numbered tables are known as to prevent congestion in smaller sized wedding settings or bigger venues allow visitors to create orderly lines. A guest may go through happier having a buffet-style arrangement, as they possibly can choose the kinds of food they’ll consume – spanning a number of vegetables, meats, and desserts shown on large tables.


Using this type of food arrangement, visitors are sitting down at designated tables, because they can to select from the platter placed while dining. Attendees pass the meals with other visitors while dining, that is sometimes seen as an rather pricey choice. It is because portion-control doesn’t seem possible and visitors are permitted to consume just as much food because they want using the caterer keeping all the platters full.

Food Stations

Selecting food stations for that wedding party is really a similar selection towards the buffet-style arrangement. Diet, for example pasta, stir-fry, kebobs, assorted appetizers, and sweets are ready in the request from the couple and offered to visitors at buffet tables. An advantage would be that the visitors are stored entertained as chefs prepare their food before their faces.

Remember the Drinks

Alcohol along with other beverages turns into a significant feature in the reception, as there are many methods to approach this wedding factor. Couples can pick to provide their visitors by having an open bar or well bar, cocktail hour, dry bar, or limited bar.

Open Bar (or Well Bar)

Probably the most costly choice to provide drinks for visitors would be to present an open bar, where visitors are permitted to buy any drink they really want using the husband and wife obtaining the tab. In the finish from the reception, the bartenders counts the quantity of liquor consumed (through the bottle) and expenses based on the final tally. A properly bar helps spend less by restricting the sorts of alcohol selected, for example substituting top brands for “house” liquors.

Cocktail Hour

Couples searching to chop more costs offer a cocktail hour that operates being an open bar for any specified period of time, where after that it becomes a cash bar throughout the reception.

Limited Bar

A restricted bar serves an array of pre-selected wines, beers, or mixed drinks throughout the reception, where additional selections can be found for any cost.

Dry Bar

Sparkling water, soda, and non-alcoholic mixed drinks accommodate the marriage couple that does not desire to incorporate alcohol to their reception.

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