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Easy sweet recipes for special occasions

On school evenings when kids are back home with their bags and crave for some sweet or on Sunday afternoons when they want some treats, more often than not, some chocolate solves the problem. On most days, chocolate bars are enough. But on special occasions, you need to take things to the next level. Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills are the perfect mix of a cookie and a full-blown chocolate indulgence. They can be easily used in making easy desserts or sweets that are perfect for special occasions and that the kids will surely love.

Here are a few sweet recipes you can make with your pack of Dark Fantasy Choco Fills and enjoy!

Ice cream sandwich

The easiest sweet to make with your Dark Fantasy Choco fills is an ice cream sandwich. Just take two choco fills and add a layer of Vanilla ice cream in between and sandwich the two together and it’s ready! If you’re out of Vanilla ice cream, you can always use whipped cream in its place as well!

Choco fudge milkshake

A chocolate milkshake is one best drinks to give to kids, especially during festivals or parties when the adults are having cocktails and other festive drinks. Use 4-5 Dark Fantasy Choco fills and grind them in a grinder. Then add milk to the grinder and mix till it becomes a thick consistency. Then add some chocolate sauce to this and some ice before using the grinder again. Pour into a glass and top it off with some more crushed Choco fills!

Creamy pudding

Who doesn’t love a nice gooey pudding to dive into? Follow this easy recipe to make a delicious homemade pudding: Take at least 10-12 Dark Fantasy Choco fills and dip them in milk before placing them in a baking tray. Then break them into a mixture with a spoon and spread this evenly across the tray.

Now in a separate bowl, take whipping cream and whip it till it’s creamy and soft. Add some vanilla essence and cocoa powder to the whipped cream and mix well. Spread this onto the baking tray with Choco fills mixture. Then add some crushed chocolate as dressing before finishing it off with a thick layer of whipped cream. Refrigerate this for at least 4 hours to get the best taste!

Berry parfait

If you have a tonne of berries in your fridge and want to make a fancy dessert with them, then making a parfait is a good option. Use wide glasses to make this dish and remember to keep chocolate custard and whipped cream around!

Start by breaking your Dark Fantasy Choco fills into bite-sized pieces and place them on the bottom of the glass. Then cut some strawberries into smaller pieces and place them gently over the Choco fills. Use whipped cream to seal the two layers. Then use some more Dark Fantasy Choco fills pieces on the whipped cream and pair with raspberries. Seal this again with whipped cream and top it off with some chocolate chunks!

Other easy recipes to make would be a mug cake, a chocolate cake, chocolate laddoos and chocolate pastry. Try the above ones at home for when you have lots of kids coming over, birthday parties, festivals etc. Remember, one can never go wrong with chocolate!

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