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Excellent Way to Make a Brand Known — Ice Cream Cups

Ice cream paper cups are convenient and popular disposable tableware widely used by non-chain catering operators, fast-food restaurants, and cafés. The ice cream cups with lids are made of food cardboard with lamination. Disposable paper ice cream cups are durable, do not get wet, and do not conduct cold, which allows you to use them in any weather: ice cream will not leak in the heat, and your hands will not freeze in the cold.

Unique characteristics of cups

One significant advantage of such disposable tableware is its environmental friendliness. The ice cream cups with lids are easy to recycle and recycle. Using such dishes will make your company involved in environmental protection, which is very important in today’s society. A branded paper cup for ice cream will become an effective advertising medium, thanks to the logo and other branding of the company.

Cardboard ice creams are coated with PLA. Bioplastic withstands temperatures from -40 °C to 105 °C. Of course, the coating also ensures that the ice cream paper cups don’t get wet.

Refreshing ice cream with fruit garnish is a true classic. Fruit, e.g., cherries, are also served hot with a sweet sauce. Hot fruit ice cream works excellent in more than just a cup. Cardboard cups also withstand temperature mixing.

Main advantages

The primary benefit of paper cups for ice cream:

  • The ability to combine different flavors and combinations of all kinds of ice creams using jams and syrups without fear that the product will leak out.
  • Using containers of different volumes will allow you to purchase ice cream in the quantity you would like.

On the website, you can also order other disposable paper cups in bulk in the assortment: standard paper cups, cups for cold drinks, Corrugated cups, and accessories for them — lids and thermal wraps. All products are certified and meet the required safety and quality standards.

Decoration and shape of cups

Requests are taken into account regarding:

  • the volume and shape of the cup;
  • recognizability of packaging;
  • colors of a cup for ice cream;
  • decoration method.

All supplied products are certified because dyes and plastics are approved for contact with food.

Maybe you, too, have come up with new ice cream creations during this time? Now all you need is the proper organic sundae to offer your customers new dessert ideas. There are many options: small cups for a scoop of ice cream, giant sundaes for a good portion, or several scoops of ice cream. With a lid for safe transport and printed so that customers remember you while enjoying their ice cream.

Only top quality

Plastic lids and caps are available in various attractive shapes and sizes to securely close food packaging, such as cups. Many models can also be made tamper-evident. The so-called top cups are trendy and have proven themselves worldwide. Solid paper cups are of first-class quality. They are airtight, stable, hygienic, and environmentally friendly. The paper cup is made of durable cellulose cardboard and has a polyethylene coating on the inside. The bottom and side seam of the paper cup is welded.

For the production of containers, high-quality pure-cellulose laminated cardboard is used, specially designed for the manufacture of packaging for food products. For the production of the cover, polypropylene is used with the addition of a wide range of dyes. The lid is decorated with a label designed in the same style as the design of the container.

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