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How Non-Alcoholic Beer Is Changing the Beer Game

Gluten-free non-alcoholic beer is an invention that is gaining significant popularity these days. Now, many people love the feeling of popping open a cold one and enjoying the flavor of hops. However, in some cases, you may want to do that without consuming the alcohol in it—especially considering that you don’t just have one beer in a sitting. Maybe you’re the designated driver, you need to participate in a sporting event the next day, you’re taking medication, or any other reason that you may not want to consume alcohol. In that case, non-alcoholic (NA) beer is a great alternative. With that said, here’s how non-alcoholic beer and sparking hop water is changing the beer game.

It Doesn’t Get You Drunk

Of course, one of the major reasons why people opt for non-alcoholic beer is because it won’t get you drunk, even though it tastes close to regular beer. So, you won’t have to worry about losing control over your senses when you’re in a social setting. So, you can drive yourself home without any fear. When you drink sparkling hop water, you also don’t have to deal with a hangover the next day, which could otherwise affect your productivity and overall alertness. Moreover, if you just want the taste of hops in a carbonated drink, then sparkling hop water is another good option alongside NA beer. Hop water is also a non-alcoholic drink that is carbonated and has the taste of hops—the substance that provides the familiar bitterness in beer. So, it can be a good substitute for regular beer, just like NA beer is, but also offers the benefit of no calories.

It Can Be an Effective Recovery Drink

Many athletes like to have a post-game or post-training session beer. Now, the problem with consuming alcohol after strenuous exercise is that it’s not great for your recovery. This is because your body is dehydrated after working out, and alcohol further dehydrates your body. Instead, non-alcoholic hop water can work as an effective recovery drink. These drinks contain electrolytes that help your body get hydrated faster.

Helps Reduce Inflammation After Exercise

In addition to that, your body’s muscles break down after working out. In turn, it experiences some inflammation as it uses protein synthesis to repair the cell damage. The addition of alcohol can increase inflammation and result in other negative effects on your body.

Non-alcoholic beer eliminates this problem while still providing you with the benefits of beer. Beer contains antioxidants from barley, wheat, and hops, which help with reducing body inflammation. Moreover, you may feel better in some ways when you consume NA beer. Some research shows health benefits, especially in the respiratory tract. So, endurance athletes can greatly benefit from that. Also, the feeling of a bottle of chilled sparkling hop water after a tough game or workout is truly a refreshing experience.

It Contains Fewer Calories

Beer is known for causing people to gain weight, which is where the term “beer belly” originated from. On average, a serving of regular beer contains 200 calories. If you drink many of them in a day, you’re looking at a high number of calories. What’s more, is that these are empty calories that provide you with no nutritional value. On the other hand, gluten-free non-alcoholic beer can cut that number by half. In some cases, you can find NA beer that contains as low as 50 calories per serving.

Now, you should note that not all NA beers are low in calories. Ultimately, the total calories depend on the ingredients and the brewing process. However, you can also look at the bottle or can label to know what you’re consuming.

It Helps Promote Sobriety and Helps Cut Down Drinking

Another reason for NA beer’s popularity is that it has been recognized by many individuals, especially millennials, with wellness-focused mindsets as a way to promote sobriety. The drink tastes a lot like regular beer, allowing for a unique drinking experience other than soft drinks or sparkling water without the harmful effects of consuming too much alcohol.

Other than that, it has continued to help people reduce the total number of alcoholic drinks they consume a week, take a short break from alcohol, or completely give up on alcohol altogether. Considering NA beer feels and tastes similar to regular beer, your body associates it with the real thing. So, you can experience the positive effects of having drinks with your friends without dealing with the physical negative effects of alcohol.

Last Few Words

The benefits that non-alcoholic beer offers without some of the negative effects of regular beer are truly what’s making it grow popular all around the world. So, you don’t need to be so careful if you go on a night out before a big meeting.

Author Bio

Lily Badger is the head of marketing at HOP WTR, a leading non-alcoholic beer company offering mango sparkling water and orange flavored sparkling water. She is a skilled brand builder with a strong passion for driving mission-driven brand growth in new markets based on targeted consumer preferences. Driving towards improving people’s lives through access to healthy and affordable products.

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