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Things to Consider Before Working in Food Service

The food service industry is busier than ever, with an abundance of different roles and titles for those just starting in the working world or those looking to change careers. It is a fast-paced, high-pressure, and sometimes unpredictable environment, but there are a lot of opportunities for progression and potential for management positions.

It is, however, not a role for everyone. Many people excel within the food service industry and pick up valuable skills and experience that they can take on to other job roles further down the line. On the other hand, many others struggle to cope with the demands of the industry and can suffer as a result.

Regardless of whether you are confident that a job in food service is the right role for you or if you’re still on the fence, you will need to fine-tune your resume. With ResumeHelp, you can access all the tools you will need to create your perfect food service resume and impress hiring managers.

This article highlights the key considerations you will need to make when determining if a job in the food service industry is right for you.

Vital Skills for the Food Service Industry

Every role within the food service industry will require a slightly different skill set. However, there are a few soft skills that you will need no matter which position you decide to go for.

All food service workers will need good verbal and interpersonal communication skills. Whether you’re a waiter interacting with the public or a chef instructing your kitchen staff, you must be able to communicate confidently and effectively.

You will need the ability to work quickly under pressure. Restaurants are often hectic environments, with customers prone to becoming impatient if their food doesn’t arrive quickly. Serving staff need cool heads to cope with many demanding people, and kitchen staff may need to handle several orders simultaneously without making mistakes.

A final skill that all food service workers will require is compliance. Handling food requires several safety standards that must be adhered to at all times. You need to be someone who doesn’t cut corners and takes things seriously. You do not want to be responsible for a workplace incident involving a customer because you didn’t stick to the rules and regulations.

Working Hours and Schedules

Most entry-level food service roles are not salaried positions. Work is usually completed via shifts that can alter each week.

You will need to be prepared for this. If you crave routine and predictability, then a job in the food service industry may not be one for you. Most restaurants are open until late in the evening, and even after they close, you may be expected to stay even later to ensure everything is clean and ready for the next day.

If you are happy and able to work the rest of your commitments around an ever-changing shift pattern, then this could be the right industry for you.

Physical Demands

The physical nature of most food service roles is often overlooked, but it is a crucial feature of nearly all positions. Waiters and waitresses are constantly on their feet and on the move, hurrying between tables and to and from the kitchen. Carrying multiple meals at the same time is not a light load, but it is what will be expected.

Kitchen staff members face the same issues. They will be constantly active while preparing food. They will also be working in a very hot environment, creating an additional physical toll on the body and mind.

If you are physically fit and resilient, you shouldn’t have a problem with this aspect of the role. However, if you are looking for a less strenuous position, this might not be the right industry for you.

Bartending also forms part of the food service industry and is a highly rewarding position for those with knowledge of drinks. If this sounds like you, then why not check out our article on everything you need to know about whisky.

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