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Travel Photography: 10 Tips Not To Be Missed

Every journey is unique, as is every photograph was taken to remember it. We all love to capture the most beautiful moments, but often some small changes can help us make them even more special. So, here is our guide in 10 easy steps to keep in mind for future trips.

Taking a picture is a child’s play. But to find the right inspiration and the right framing you need a bit of exercise and imagination. Whether you are passionate about photography or just starting out, our tips can help you create beautiful travel photos. And if you can capture that perfect moment of your holiday in an image, thanks to the various digital printing services it will not be difficult to transform your photo into a picture or into a unique wallpaper, to furnish your home.

Here are 10 tips to remember to take pre-filled photos during your next trips. Try them and share with us your most beautiful snapshot!

1. Familiarize yourself with your camera

Whether you rely on an SLR or your smartphone, the first tip is definitely to learn how to get to know your instrument. Today, in fact, even the simplest cameras have very useful functions that, if best exploited, will transform your photography. “Focus” to focus attention on subjects, “exposure” to improve incoming light and exposure time to capture all the details in all conditions. When you prepare the suitcase for the trip, remember also all the accessories, from the memory card to the charger.

2. Dive into the places you visit

Don’t stop at the classic postcard places: you can see a lot of these photos. Explore even the most hidden places and try to catch the peculiarities, the habits of the people, the features that most catches your eye. And to do this you will need time and calm. First, we need to know the traditions and life of the place to be able to photograph them. The best place to learn about the tradition of a place is a Hotel. The doorman is not only there to open doors but also give you as many details of the country as possible. Find some hotels with character and picture worthy sights like the nugget reno, or the fontainebleau miami to name a few, they have so much to aim your camera to. Choosing the right hotel is important when traveling, it eases the stress and gives you the peace of mind to take the perfect picture.

3. Look for the right balance

Pay attention to the subjects that make up the photograph. If it is a landscape, think of the proportions between heaven and earth. If you include one or more people, choose the frame carefully. In short, try to find the right balance between all the elements.

4. Follow the perfect light

The best time to take your picture? Perhaps the Golden Hour, when the sun sets and floods the landscape. For the perfect light, sometimes a bit of luck is needed, but when it’s yours, keep your eyes open and be ready to shoot!

What to avoid? Pay attention to the backlight, too much exposure, and to the integrated flash, they must be used with care. However, you can play with the camera’s functions to adjust the light in less optimal situations.

5. Find out the details

Is there a recurring geometric pattern? An object with a strange shape? An interesting color scheme? Look at everything with curious eyes, trying to catch even the most hidden details and that others would not notice. Not only will you be able to take original photographs, but you will learn to travel by observing everything even more carefully.

6. Have patience …

Don’t be hasty: it takes patience and a bit of practice to get the perfect shot. Calm, the ability to wait and to observe, are the fundamental ingredients to capture the movement of a wild animal but also the expression of a child. Take many pictures, but not all the same! Move around, try different angles, perspectives and different subjects . Especially when the subject is still, or when you have a view in front. Not all the photos will be perfect, but only in this way will you be able to really understand which are the elements to be improved or that you like more.

7. … but seize the moment!

If you can take the time you want to photograph a landscape, other subjects need you to shoot immediately and quickly. A watchful eye, camera in hand and ready to capture the image! Many cameras now have sports modes for fast-moving subjects, so often just snap in sequence. Then you will decide which photo you like best.

9. Modified and experimented

While before the photo editing seemed something reserved for professionals, today thanks to the free and easy-to-use programs you can modify the photos at your leisure, to give them an even more personal touch. From Photoshop to Lightroom, to Snapseed (but also simpler Windows functions, if the changes are minimal). Begin to adjust the size, to focus attention on what you want and to eliminate some little useful detail. You can then adjust contrast, saturation, balance and many other elements yourself to improve photography.

10. Choose the best shots to print

Sharing your photos on social networks is now a must for travelers. But printing the most beautiful ones and framing them is something that never goes out of fashion. They can indeed decorate your spaces in a unique way and tell your story through images. You can also take advantage of various online printing services to order them from the comfort of your own home.

At the end of our 10 tips, we want to give you an extra one, the eleventh. When you travel, remember to leave the target aside and to capture what you see with your eyes. Only in this way can you live and truly remember the places you visit!

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