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What Are the Different Types of Liquor Licenses in Florida?

It is mandatory for a business to obtain a license in order to run a liquor business in Florida. This applies to all businesses that are into selling of liquor, wine, and beer in Florida. If you do not have a license, then you need to apply for it to the “Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Bureau of Licensing”.

It is a division that provides a wide range of liquor licenses to qualified business. Due to availability of vast categories of liquor licenses, selection of the right liquor license becomes a daunting task. This article provides you knowledge about these liquor types to ease your selection.

4COP-SRX Liquor License

This is the first type of liquor license that aims for restaurants who are into selling of beer, spirits, and wine. By fulfilling the criteria laid down under the license requirements, a business gets qualified for a “4COP-SRX” license.

It enables the proprietor to sell wine, beer, and spirits for consumption only on on-premises. Beverage License Specialists is reputed and trusted firm that assists its clients to obtain Pinellas County liquor license.

4COP-QUOTA Liquor License

All those businesses who fail to meet the criteria set by “4COP-SRX” license, qualifies under this category. 4COP-QUOTA is appropriate for restaurants who indulge in sale of beer, spirits and wine for consumption “On-Premises”. Many bars, taverns, nightclubs, and other types of establishments come under this category.

An interesting thing about this license is that it is determined in accordance to the population based quota system of a place. When the population of a place increases by 7,500 residents, then this license is provided to liquor businesses.

2COP Liquor License

This is another liquor license that permits consumption of wine and beer on premises.  A business who has this license is allowed to sell wine as well as beer on premises consumption. Several small sandwich shops and restaurants hold this license.

2APS Liquor License

2APS liquor license is granted to liquor businesses that indulge in wine and beer consumption “Off-Premises”.  2APS license is suitable for any facility that opts to sell wine and beer for Only “Off-Premise consumption”. Such license type is majorly used by supermarkets, gas stations, and convenience stores.


Depending on the type of liquor operation your business performs, you need to choose and apply for the type of liquor license. The above comprehensive list will help you choose the right liquor license for your business.

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