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Tricks to make a good cake

In the special meals all the guests leave a small hole in the stomach to try the dessert or the cake despite the fact that it is the last dish and we have already put between appetizers and two plates between chest and back. If it’s a snack or a birthday party, the cake is king. Therefore, making a good cake can make us get the applause of the guests.

With our tricks you may have it easier. Let’s see what we can do to get a championship cake.

We start with the dough. If we want to obtain a sponge cake, it is convenient to separate the whites from the yolks. First we beat the yolks well with the sugar and join the rest of the ingredients, but the whites we mount them to the point of snow and add them once we have kneaded the rest.

To know when the cake is ready, we introduce a needle into it. If it comes out dry, the cake is ready. If we do not wait a little because the humidity indicates that the cake still has raw dough inside.

If we are going to put whipped cream as a filling or ornament, we must know that the cream the colder it is, the better and faster it is mounted. On the other hand, adding sugar to the cream while riding it will give you more consistency. In this situation, make sure you only use a quality cake holder.

Regarding the meringue, a very simple trick so that it does not lower us too quickly is to put a pinch of salt to the whites.

When making a cream or dough to which we add both cream and meringue we should throw these on the dough or cream and not vice versa, because that way we would lose the sponginess of the cream or meringue. When we are mixing, we do it with a manual rod and with wrapping movements from the bottom up, to give air to the dough and prevent it from coming down. And remember, we should never stir or shake strongly when it comes to mixing cream or meringue with another preparation.

And finally, a tip for the chocolate or cream toppings we make for the cakes. Whether the cover is egg or chocolate, when it is thickened or melted in the case of one and the other, we should never do it directly on fire. You have to do it in the water bath. If we put it in direct heat, the egg would curdle and the cream would be cut, leaving it unpleasant. In the same way, chocolate would burn, traces would come out and it would taste bitter.

Regarding the mold, it is best to grease it and flour a little on the walls. Regarding its characteristics, it is non-stick and removable in the base to better unmold and without having to turn it over or pass the knife.

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