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Arrange A Great Dinner Party in A Restaurant and Make Your Guests Feel Special

A dinner party may not have a long guest list, but it is still important to put some thought into planning it. You’ll have to consider the venue, food, drinks and ambience. It is quite a bit of a challenge to create the right atmosphere for lively conversations and strong connection between guests. A perfect dinner scenario is a dozen friends gathered around the table, sipping wine and enjoying their meal.

A bit of preparation ensures that your friends will end up raving about your dinner party. Hosting it in a restaurant has a lot of perks. There is no stressing over deciding on the menu, spending hours in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove and you get to spend quality time with the guests rather than fussing about the meal.

Tips to a perfect dinner party:

  • Pick a restaurant your group will enjoy: Talk things through with the restaurant management to make your evening special. You can ask for a private dining room or somewhere more isolated and away from other patrons. Crooked pint offers Happy hours & daily specials. They are spread across 7 locations. Check out their extensive menu online.
  • Plan the menu: You can consolidate a specialized menu and let your guests choose from it. Ask the restaurant about their signature dishes. Remember to enquire about the dietary restrictions of your guests before framing the menu.

  • Start with cocktails: Serve wine as people arrive. You can use this time as an opportunity to greet people and introduce those who aren’t familiar with each other.
  • Personalize the atmosphere: Find creative ways to add a touch of your personality to the evening. You can create your own name cards and print out the menu.
  • Plan the seating: If there are 8 to 10 guests, one long table will suffice. If the number is more. Opt for multiple small tables so that people interact with one another.
  • Manage expectations: If you’d like to split the bill, let other guests know about it in advance when you are inviting them for dinner.

  • Arrange payment of bill beforehand: If you are paying for the party, inform the management to collect your card at a specified time before the end of the meal.
  • Remember you are the host: Though the party isn’t hosted at your home, this is still your dinner party. Make all your guests feel welcome. Inform restaurant staff about any changes or issues.

Enjoy your time at the party. Dinner parties are about having a great time with loved ones. Have fun!

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