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Types Of Liquor Licenses In Florida

Want to start a business that doesn’t have too many unexpected market surprises? A liquor store, or a fully-stocked bar could be a great idea. No matter the reason, people usually celebrate with liquor, wine and beer, and in Florida, the business is always great. If you are looking for The City of Tampa permits, the first step is to develop a business plan and decide on the license you need. Note that besides the rules & regulations of the state, there could be special requirements & rules for each county.

There are different liquor licenses that are offered by The Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco. There are many professional companies that can help you to choose between these licenses and completing the paperwork and application. After all, you don’t want to make a stupid mistake that may lead to application rejection.

In this post, we are sharing an overview of these licenses.

  • The cheapest license of the lot, 1APS allows businesses to sell beer only, strictly for off-premise consumption. The annual fee to be paid is $140.
  • This license is what most grocery and local stores have. You can sell both beer and wine with the 2APS, but for off-premise consumption only. Fee to be paid per year is $196.
  • If you strictly want to sell liquor for off-premise consumption, 3PS is the most comprehensive one, which allows selling all kinds of spirits, including wine and beer, with annual fee of $1,365.

  • This is the standard license that allows sale of beer for both on-premise and off-premise consumption. To get this license, an annual fee of $280 must be paid.
  • For an annual fee of $392, you can get this license that allows stores, bars and restaurants to serve both wine and beer. Also, both wine & beer can be sold for off-premise consumption.
  • If you want to sell all kinds of mixed drinks, liquors, beers, wines and other drinks, you need the 4COP license, which has an annual fee of $1,820.

Things to note

Depending on the kind of business model you have, there are specialists, who can guide on the process, as we mentioned, and you need to pay an application fee for the new license, besides the annual fee. Note that only limited number of licenses are issued for each county, depending on the population.

Contact the licensing professionals to know more, and start with the right business advice.

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