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Mouth-Watering Sweet Dishes to make on Raksha Bandhan 2020!

Raksha Bandhan is knocking doors and the time to celebrate the most awaited festival of siblings is not far away. Sisters are already in search of the best rakhis and brothers are searching for some fabulous rakhi return gifts. You can easily buy rakhi online and can get a lot of rakhi gifts as well. But getting those traditional and yummy sweets to celebrate the special day can be a tough task. But what desserts to prepare this time to surprise your siblings? Well, there is certainly an endless list of desserts but let’s get down with the must try and easy to make sweet dishes. So, without any further delay, let’s get started with the list of mouth-watering Raksha Bandhan special sweet dishes.


Raksha Bandhan is the perfect festival to celebrate with some delicious rasgullas. Either make the rasgullas at home for your brother who is gobbler or buy the best rasgullas from the mithai shop in your town. Your brother is surely going to love the delicious sweet filled balls.


A cake can add deliciousness and sweetness to any day to make it extra special. So, how about you bake a lip-smacking cake for your siblings? Sounds yummy, isn’t it? By following some easy to bake recipes on the Internet, you can bake a cake at home for your siblings to widen that smile on their faces.

Chocolate Donuts

Remember the days when you used to fight with your brother over the last piece of chocolate? Well, he is a chocolate lover and so are you. Take a trip down to chocolicious memory lane by making some luscious chocolate donuts at home. Your brother will crave for more and more. Go for this beautiful dessert and add a modern touch to the traditional festival of Raksha Bandhan.

Mango Ice Cream

A super creamy and super sweet mango ice cream is sure to take your sibling’s taste buds to a whole new level. The recipe is very simple and requires just 3 ingredients to prepare the delicious ice cream at home. The ice cream has a delicious zing from the mangoes which will make your siblings go WOW!

Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli is a delicious beauty made of cashews and topped with chandi vark that gives it an appealing look. It is India’s most famous and traditional sweet dish that is presented on different festivals. Make these yummilicious and melt-in-mouth barfis for your siblings and see them go crazy over this special sweet dish.

So, these were the different sweet dishes that you can prepare at home for all your siblings to add sweetness to the Raksha Bandhan celebrations. While decorating the rakhi thali, make sure to keep a variety of sweet dishes in the thali. Your siblings will definitely go all crazy over these sweet dishes. So, make some extra sweets so that everyone can enjoy the delicious treats.

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